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Attention all new players! By becoming a Realm Supporter within 24 hours of creating an account with us, you will receive 100,000 Free Gold Pieces for the game, instead of the standard 10,000 Free Gold Pieces.

This offer is reserved only for those who register within 24 hours, however, so be sure to act fast! The extra gold will help you substantially in the game, and increase your buying power massively!

Upgrade Now!




By becoming a Realm Supporter, you will get full access to the world map, and be able to not only travel between all towns, but also specials areas, and embark on secret quests! What's more, there are a number of special bonuses for Realm Supporters, such as more potion and weapon slots to increase your potential inventory!

There is NO monthly fee! It's just a simple one-time payment of $19.95 to become a Realm Supporter!

Realm Defender is constantly growing thanks to people like you who become Realm Supporters, and this allows us to continue working on expanding and improving the game!

So become a Realm Supporter today! You'll benefit from 24/7 access, special bonuses, and much, much more!

Upgrade Now!



  What do I get?...
  • Full Access to the Game
    • Dozens of quests
    • The ability to unlock potion, weapon, armor, and shield slots, GREATLY increasing your inventory!
    • Access to mighty and magical weapons, armors and potions
  • No waiting - Free player slots fill up quickly during high server demand. Every Realm Supporter has a slot reserved on the server just for them.
  • Platinum-Tokens - 100 free Platinum-Tokens!
  • Gold-Pieces - 10,000 free Gold-Pieces!
  • Potion Upgrade - Increased number of slots for Health, Mana, and Magical potions
  • Travel - Go to other towns and battle on the way
  • Special Realm Supporter-Only Events- Unique events, quests and wars
  • New Releases - Receive all future Realm Supporter game contents!

  What do I get?...
  • This is a really good BOOST for any Realm Supporter
  • Platinum-Tokens - 500 Platinum-Tokens
  • Gold-Pieces - 300,000 Gold-Pieces
  • New Releases - Receive all future Realm Supporter game contents!