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Digital Bytes, LLC. owns and operates this website, which hosts a free online game that may be played by every user who wishes to join. Although this game is free, there may be some instances where personal information about our users may need to be collected, especially in an instance where a player wishes to upgrade their game. Because of this, Digital Bytes realizes the need to protect our users' privacy, ensure their security, and make certain that they feel 100% safe disclosing their information to us.

By reading our Privacy Policy, you can keep yourself informed as to how Digital Bytes handles any and all information submitted to us by you, and the security of said information.

Personal Information submitted to Digital Bytes may include, but is not limited to, your full name, address, telephone number, date of birth and email address. In the event a user decides to upgrade their game, additional personal information, including card details, may also be collected. Realm Defender may be upgraded online using a credit card, but can also be upgraded using the PayPal service available.


Digital Bytes reserves the right to change, modify, or in any way revise the information given in this Privacy Policy, be it to comply with any applicable laws, changes within the game, or any particular reason at the time. Our users are, as such, encouraged to check the Privacy Policy often, in the event of any possible changes, modifications, or revisions to it.


Digital Bytes, LLC. owns and operates the online game Realm Defender, which is a free-to-use online game available to anyone who enters the website. At this stage, it is merely optional for a user to submit his or her email address to Digital Bytes. However, in order to unlock the full version of the game, and enjoy the benefits that come with it, our users must submit their personal information to us in order to make a payment for the game upgrade.

Users who choose to submit their email will be signed up for our game newsletter. This newsletter keeps our members updated on all the new additions to the game, as well as notify them of new features, services, and more. This is NOT spam: you can take yourself off of the newsletter at any time, and it is completely up to you in the first place as to whether or not you receive the newsletter.

As stated earlier in this policy, our upgraded users will be required to submit personal information to us, so that we can not only log them in our records, but so that we can verify their identity when they submit their payments via either credit card, PayPal, or mailed money order or check. This information includes their first and last name, telephone number, mailing address and card information (depending on their chosen payment option). When paying through PayPal, both a PayPal account and a confirmed billing address must still be provided.

Because of the fact that Realm Defender is a project entirely supported by its paid "Realm Supporter" users, Digital Bytes does not sell or share its users information to advertisers, or any other non-affiliated third parties; however, there may be circumstances beyond our control where legal rulings require us to disclose this information to the appropriate authorities. There is, also, the chance of a third party unlawfully intercepting or accessing transmissions or private communications between Digital Bytes and its users; however, we will take necessary steps to ensure these things do not occur.

In the unlikely event where we need to investigate or resolve any possible problems or inquiries, you authorize us to disclose any information about you to law enforcement or any other government officials as we believe necessary or appropriate.

Digital Bytes will not sell, share, or disclose any of our users' personal information with any third party company or advertiser.


In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, AKA "COPPA", Digital Bytes acknowledges the need to put special attention on the protection and security of personal information obtained from children and, in particular, required policies regarding children under 13 years of age. Parents and legal guardians are strongly urged to spend time online with their children, and to instruct their children the importance of never handing out personal information online without their expressed permission.

It is a requirement for all children under 13 years of age to have parental consent when not only visiting this website, but playing the Realm Defender free online game.

As with all users, it is still optional that a child set up a free account with us using his or her email address; however, the child will receive in his or her provided email a newsletter sent out by our website. Parental consent is not the only thing needed for children under 13 years of age to set up an account with our game: parents must set up the account for their child, which acts as a verifiable consent by the parent for the child to use the website. This is required by COPPA.

Should a childs email be provided while setting up an account with us, we shall only use it for the same reasons as any other users', that being: delivery of our online newsletter, retrieval of forgotten or lost password information, response to any questions, comments, or concerns submitted to us by the child's email, or to contact the child about any problems we may find with his or her conduct with our game.

Any personal information that is inadvertently given to us via the child when he or she contacts Digital Bytes with questions, problems or concerns will, just as any other users' information, not be disclosed to any third party or advertiser, and will be kept absolutely private and secure at all times. There is a risk involved as with any service where personal information is given online, in that a third party may unlawfully intercept or access any personal information given to Digital Bytes. In this event, the proper authorities will be contacted, and the situation will be dealt with accordingly. The only time you or your child's information will be divulged to any third party is if we are required to do so by law, court order, or subpoena.

In the event that a child wishes to upgrade their free account with us and become a Realm Supporter, a parent or legal guardian will be necessary to divulge additional personal information, as described earlier in this privacy policy. What's more, just as a parent setting up their child's account with us is considered consent by the parent as required by COPPA, so is the payment for a upgraded account with the Realm Defender game, wherein the parent pays for the child to become a Realm Supporter.

Should a parent desire to find out more about how their child's information is stored and/or used, or if they wish to voice their concerns with us or ask questions, they may contact us at . While this information is not kept for anything other then the reasons listed above, if a parent so desires for it to be destroyed from our systems, they can request for it via the email address given.


Built into your internet browser is a feature called a "cookie", which assigns a unique number which automatically identifies your computer when you visit our website. This "cookie" is essentially text-only data stored on your hard drive. Many websites use these to remember passwords for users who want to visit the site and have their password stored to quickly sign-on. They also collect additional personal information from visitors, such as IP addresses, browser types, domain names, software versions, and access times.

We use these cookies only for our own internal purposes, including, but not limited to, the improvement and customization of our content for our users. At this time, Digital Bytes does not use cookies with the Realm Defender website to store passwords. Your passwords are stored on a database in our own server through the flash game, and therefore cannot be saved by cookies. However, it is beneficial for our users to know and understand what these cookies are used for, and how they might be used should we decide to implement them at a later time.


While Realm Defender does accept credit card payments, as well as money orders and checks by mail, we also utilize PayPal's services as they are among the most secure on the internet for our users' transactions, and can provide our users with the most safety, security, and peace of mind when making their transactions with us.

If you do not know about PayPal, or wish to know more about them, visit their website at


Should our users, or our users' parents or legal guardians, have any questions, comments, or concerns, or should they need any further assistance concerning our Privacy Policy, they can contact us at , or write to us at the following:

Privacy Policy
Digital Bytes, LLC.
Suite 331
609A Piner Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28409

We will not be accepting any calls regarding orders, technical support, or otherwise. Please email all questions or concerns to our email address. For issues dealing with anything outside of our Privacy Policy, please consult our Help Pages.

Please be advised that any and all emails sent to us may take between 2 and 4 business days before receiving a response, as members of our staff must read through and answer every individual email sent to us. We thank you for your patience.