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Payments & Billing Information

a. How do I become a Realm Supporter?
b. If I create a new character after I upgrade, will it be upgraded too?
c. Is being a Realm Supporter a limited time deal?
d. Will I be able to delete my character, but keep my Supporter Status?
e. What are my payment options?
f. I've accidentally made a duplicate payment! What can I do?
g. I've paid for my upgrade, but I've yet to receive it! What's taking so long?
h. I want to pay-by-mail. How long does that usually take?
i. Is there a refund policy?

Technical Support

a. The game isn't loading updates, why not?
b. Why does my browser say I have to have flash intalled when I try to play the game?
c. The game's not working! Why isn't it?
d. Is it possible to get a virus from playing Realm Defender?
e. Why can't I log into my account?

Account Help

a. I've lost my account name/password! How do I get back in?
b. I upgraded my account, but never got the new items! What's going on?!
c. I want to make a new character, but how?
d. Why can't I get in the game?
e. How do I change my e-mail or password for my account?
f. I want to share my account with a friend, is that allowed?
g. I'm receiving/not receiving your newsletter, why/why not?
h. How do I delete my account? What if I just want to reset a character?
i. How can I trade items with other players?
j. How can I ensure the safety of my account?



1. I've created my character, now what?
2. How do I earn gold and experience for my character?
3. Why am I missing so much in battle?
4. What determines my rewards for winning a battle?
5. Where do I buy items for my character?
6. Why do some items require "Platinum" to purchase?
7. I've bought an item, now how do I equip it?
8. The game's slowing down in battle, why is that?
9. What are quests?
10. How do I increase my skills? Are there trainers?
11. How do I travel on the world map?
12. I want to change my character's name, but how?
13. I found a bug in the game! What should I do?
14. I'm not seeing any game updates, why?
15. Does Realm Defender have an ESRB Rating?


REMEMBER: Realm Defender is a FREE ONLINE GAME, and has no requirement for any of its users to pay for its use. If you have any questions or concerns not addressed in this help section, please refer to our contact page for more assistance.