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About Realm Defender
  Table of Contents

- The Story
- Introduction
- Game Basics
- Town
- Inn
- Magic Shop
- Armory
- Training Grounds
- Potions
- Armor
- Weapons
- Spells
- Shields
- Realm Supporter
- Game Rules

The Story

We call our world Voryn. A beautiful planet, whose people were peaceful and prosperous. It was a fitting name for such a place, in such times where fear was a forgotten word. Yet like all good things, this peaceful time was coming to an end.

Many have forgotten when the fighting began, but few can forget the horrors that came with it. Monsters, fiends and villains rose from the shadows of Voryn to wreak havoc on its people. From villages, to towns, to cities alike, these terrible creatures challenged our very lives on a daily basis.

Desperate cries for help called out across the countryside, and though many brave warriors have responded, it has still not been enough. We are still fighting, and our people's hope is fading.

The leaders, the kings and lords of the many lands of Voryn have brought their voices together as one, in a final call to all heroes who may answer their plea. "Help us," is their cry, "before all is lost."

There are stories from ancient times, unbelievable stories which told of great heroes defeating impossible odds. There was a time when our people could believe in such stories, but now, that belief is fading. More then ever, we need a hero to restore that faith: a hero who can do what those before him, or her, have been unable to.

The journey for all heroes begins in a simple town called Ryr, where the beasts have only begun to spread. To stop these terrible monsters, a hero must first drive them out of this once peaceful town.

We are in a desperate time, and desperately need a hero's answer to our call. Could you be the one who can finally bring peace to our troubled times?

For the sake of all of Voryn... we truly hope you are.

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Welcome to Realm Defender, where you can become a hero of the world of Voryn and fight to rid it of monsters and fiends. Currently, the game is still being developed, with large amounts of content being added on weekly. Have a look around for yourself, and see how you like it!

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Game Basics

Wanna know the first step in joining Realm Defender? Simply create an account! To do this, simply click on "New User". IMPORTANT: If you are not over 13 years of age, it is required that you get your parents permission to play. Once you have gone from there, simple enter your user name, password, and (optional) email address. From there, it's on to the character selection page!

The world of Voryn has two character classes: a knight or a mage. You can choose which character class you would like to play as, as well as customize the appearance of your warrior, all within the character selection page. After this step, it's on to the world of Voryn itself!

The first place you're taken to is the town of Ryr, to explore the town or go to battle. When you go to battle, it takes place outside of the town itself. Winning battles rewards you with gold and experience. Losing battles, however, will deduct experience points; however, if you flee from a battle, you won't lose any. Remember that! Sometimes it's better to run and fight another day then fall in battle and lose the progress you've made! You can go battle monsters in the country side, your character abilities and equipment play an important role in battle.

    List of features:

  • Choose from hundreds of weapons, suits of armour, shields, spells and potions to improve your chances in battle.

  • Upgrade to Realm Supporter to gain wealth and increase the number of slots to carry items and potions.

  • Get training and improve your blocking and hitting abilities.

  • Agree to take quest assignments from game characters to gain wealth and power.

  • Travel from town to town battling monsters along the way.
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The towns of Voryn are important areas for any hero. They offer you all the resources you need in order to battle the monsters of Voryn and continue to advance through the game itself.

When you enter any town, there are several primary buildings that will catch your attention immediately: an Inn, a Magic Shop, an Armory, and Training Grounds. The town is oftentimes nearby a castle, which the player can access to activate portals and travel the world map. Also, you will be given the option on your menu to go battle monsters, create a new character, or look at the world map. Your character, as well as his level, gold, HP, SP and XP are visible in the bottom left-hand corner.

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For heroes who need to stop and have a rest, the Inn is the best place to go-- much better then sleeping with the monsters, anyway! The Inn costs a low 10GP to stay in for the night, and when you leave, you'll feel refreshed and better then ever. A crucial element to the Voryn world for your hero, it's suggested you rest up when you've taken heavy damage from battles.

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Magic Shop

Magic isn't just for Mages, you know! No matter who you are, the Magic Shop will help your character through his journies through Voryn. It offers a large variety of potions and spells, so even if you're a knight, you'll find something useful here. Everything costs money, though, so be sure to have enough GP for what you want!

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The Armory is another essential building for your character, because it provides you with options for armor, shields, and weapons. For those of you using a mage, don't think the Armory isn't for you: it also offers a wide variety of magical items for your use. All you really have to do is find what suits you and pay the cost, and you'll be equipped with some of the strongest items in all of Voryn!

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Training Grounds

The Training Grounds is a great place for both Knight and Mage to go and hone their skills. Offering both Fighter and Wizard Training, the Training Grounds costs a good bit of GP, but offers a good bit of knowledge in return. You will be able to increase your skills here, just as you would in battle, but without the risk of your life! Lower-tier warriors will appreciate this benefit, so that they'll be ready for the greater level beasts they'll soon be facing down the line.

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Potions are essential for any hero of Voryn, because without them you could well be facing situations in a battle that you just can't overcome. If you're taking too much damage, but simply can't or don't want to flee a battle, a potion will come in handy for saving you from being defeated! Ran out of mana while casting your spells? A mana potion will fix you right up. No matter what you're facing, a potion will help you stand a better chance at victory.

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Every great hero needs to know how to protect themselves, and a good suit of armor will help do just that. Be you knight or mage, there's an armor for you and your needs on the battlefield. Why, there's even the option to buy magical armor, which will give you status boosts and further aid you in your fight against the beasts of Voryn!

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It's not a very good idea to go off fighting monsters with your bare hands. When all magic runs dry, and all hope seems lost, a good weapon can get a hero out of the most desperate of situations. Always be sure to continue buying better weapons when you have the option, because the better the weapon, the better chance you'll have at defeating your foes.

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Spells call upon the elements of Voryn themselves to deal damage to beasts that will try and stand against you. If ever you're in a situation where melee damage just isn't doing enough, casting spells against it might just do the trick. Be careful, though, because just like melee attacks, there's always a chance you might miss-- and that'll eat up your spell powers fast!

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Armor isn't always enough: sometimes, you need something to hold out in front of you and block any attack from ever even reaching your armor. Shields can really help you in blocking attacks from beasts, and the better the shield, the better the chance that you can block their attack and strike back against them without taking damage.

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Realm Supporter

By becoming a Realm Supporter, you will receive 24/7 available access to the game server, even when all of the openings in the game for free players has been filled. What's more, your payment helps further the support and development of the game, which allows us to continue to improve on elements of the game for all of our players. Not only are you helping us, but you're helping yourself and others by helping improve upon the game! What's more, by paying to be a Realm Supporter, you'll be able to buy advanced weapons and items in the game, as well as be able to carry many more items than a free user, and many other in-game benefits!

In the end, becoming a Realm Supporter does more for you then just get you free stuff... it helps you, and thus everyone else, get a better game because of YOUR support!

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Game Rules

1) Players have no legal claim to a game account.

2) Players must heed instructions given by the Realm Defender staff and the game administration.

3) All bugs (defects resulting from the game programming) must be reported to immediately. Intentional use of a known bug for personal gain will result in the deletion of any accounts involved in the bug-using.

4) The use of scripts, bots and similar programmes to automate actions in the game will result in deletion of your account. Scripts/Bots include programmes that carry out actions of any kind in the game automatically or through manual control by the user. Such actions include reading data directly from the game-server or the pages making up the game. This includes the use of link exchanges and all internet services that make possible automatic clicking of personal links!

5) The accounts of players who insult other players or staff of Realm Defender may be deleted without notice.

6) Players are not allowed to auction parts of the game or whole accounts on internet auction sites or anywhere else; any accounts involved will be deleted.

7) The accounts of players who log into the account of another player without permission or hack player accounts will be deleted.

8) The game account or character names of players should not be offensive, pornographic, extremist, if found in violation account will be subject to immediate deletion.

9) The accounts of players sending offensive, pornographic, illegal, sexist, or politically radical (Neo-Nazi, racist etc.) instant messages or players with such content in their descriptions (whether text or pictures) are subject to immediate deletion.

10) We will assume absolutely no responsibility for consequences arising from the improper placement of Links in public chats, guest books, boards or forums if the player has violated any rules by placing the Link there.

11) Any takeovers involving logging or hacking into to the accounts of other players will lead to the deletion of your own account!

12) Spamming or deliberately annoying or provoking other players via instant message or PM is forbidden. You will be warned if we receive complaints from other players and the game accounts of repeat offenders will be deleted!

13) The distribution of any tools/bots/scripts intended to manipulate Realm Defender is forbidden and will result in the deletion of the game accounts involved.

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